TRYHANOI brings together three Vietnamese and Canadian research institutions along with the Canadian NGO HealthBridge and Vietnam’s Women Museum to explore ways in which young residents of the Vietnamese capital city relate to its public spaces.



Hanoi, graffiti and video-abstract

hanoi Déc 05 2022
Michelle Kee has just finished producing an interesting and dynamic “video-abstract” for the article “People want good graffiti’: Tensions, contradictions, and everyday politics surrounding graffiti in Hanoi, Vietnam” which she…

Photo report: seminar on public spaces in Hanoi

hanoi Sep 15 2022
Our partners in Hanoi held a half-day seminar on youth and public spaces last June at the Hanoi University Of Civil Engineering (formerly NUCE). They presented all the research and…

Pedestrian spaces research shared in Hanoi

hanoi Sep 08 2022
During the summer 2022, TRYSPACES’s student Huu Lieu Dang realised 2 presentations in Vietnamese educational and official establishments. One was done at Hoan Kiem Pedestrian Board in Hanoi (the study…