4CITIES FESTIVAL: a month of meaningful connections


20 juillet 2021

The month of June 2021 has been full of connexions, encounters and discussions for TRYSPACES’ members, in order to pursue the comparative work between Paris, Montreal, Hanoi and Mexico. At the total, 80 members -students, partners, youth and investigators – participated to hybrid activities held during the 4CITIES FESTIVAL.

Here are some photos and illustrations that reflects all the rich moments of June 2021

Gallery of illustrations made by Phanie Bernier (Montreal) and Hà Thanh Trung (Hanoi)

Group photo of TRYSPACES’ members with their self-decorated t-shirt, result of the quilting activity where every participants were invited to represent their city. TRYSPACES central coordination sent packages with all the required material to every participants across the 4 cities to achieve this activity.

Mural done during the conversation 2 on digital tools opportunities and challenges in research