A TRYSPACES Body-territory


6 décembre 2022

On November 10, the workshop « A TRYSPACES Body-territory » was organized as part of the comparison project Atlas Transgression. The workshop’s objective was to map the transformations resulting from participation in TRYSPACES, on a personal and bodily scale.

TRYSPACES students and researchers developed two collaborative cartographies, in a synchronous and asynchronous way. The first was a collective map based on the location of those places that have been related to the project. This was composed of points, lines, and polygons that included in some cases photos and memories of the experience in TRYSPACES. Collectively we discussed this representation, its richness and its limitations. This led to pointing out the challenges of locating/representing the links between the different cities of the project and the digital spaces, both significant for TRYSPACES.

The second representation was a body map. Participants were invited to think of a part of the body where they would locate the learnings acquired in TRYSPACES, then take a photo of that part of their body and upload it to a platform to compose a collective body. The result was the creation of a TRYSPACES corporeality full of learnings that shows the relevance of collaborative work, observation and listening in research, experimentation in public spaces and some of the work tools that have been integrated into the experience in the Association: headphones, recorders, notebooks, markers, etc. To close, the possible futures of this collective body were discussed, including the places it could go and with whom it would be accompanied.

The workshop turned out to be a rich exchange of ideas that showed different levels of involvement in the project, transversal elements to the participation in TRYSPACES and the interest to continue reflecting on public spaces, transgression and youth through research and social and collaborative interventions.