International workshop « Youth, public space and transgression »


18 mars 2018
On Thursday 16th and 17th of March 2018, the TRYSPACES Mexico team met for the International Workshop « Youth, Public Space and Transgression »,
at the Geography Institute of the National Autonomous University of Mexico. During these two days, researchers, partners and students, had the opportunity to exchange conceptual and methodological tools for the study of youth, public space, and transgression-regulation.


During the workshop we had the presentation of Patricio Provencio who talked about the project « Empowering Latin America ». Marcela Meneses shared her work on youth and public space based on the study of political graffitis in Oaxaca, Mexico. Likewise, Rosío Córdova Plaza, through her study of « chacales, chichifos y mayates » in Veracruz, Mexico, introduced us to the reality of young people who, involved in sex work, reproduce and challenge sexual regimes. In addition, Nitzan Shoshan shared his research on the case of extreme right-wing youth in Berlin and the micro-tactics of visibility that characterize their interventions.

We also had the opportunity to exchange methodological experiences for the development of our projects. Collaborative and experiential techniques, cartographic methodologies and methodological approaches that make use of popular education and communication technologies were highlighted.

Marie-Ange Jambu, member of TRYSPACES Paris, presented her Workshops of collective creation, performed with young people of the Paris periphery. Also, Pham Thi Thanh Hien, member of TRYSPACES Hanoi, presented her work on the trajectories of commerce and migration in Hanoi, in order to share mapping tools and represent research data in alternative ways. And finally, Ahmad Gharbieh and Dounia Salamé, shared their collaborative mapping work in Beirut, which is characterized by representing the multiple uses, senses and appropriations of space.

The workshop concluded with the presentation of the artistic work of Santiago Mohar, Nicolás Gutiérrez, Analía Goethals and Pablo Somonte, members of, a transmedia project that seeks to trace new paths to observe violence in Mexico from different perspectives. During the Workshop, Deriva displayed the collaborative projection related to the themes of public space, youth and boredom-weariness. You can watch it here.

As a final result of the International Workshop « Youth, public space and transgression », we presented a video.

International workshop « Youth, public space and transgression », from Tryspaces. 


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