Members of the Student Alliance of TRYMexico participated in the « 8th Latin American and Caribbean Social Sciences Conference »

Actualités, Nouvelles de l'Alliance étudiante

24 novembre 2018

Adriana Alejandra Ávila Farfán and Laura Andrea Ferro Higuera, from the Student Alliance TRYMéxico, participated in the « 8th Latin American and Caribbean Social Sciences Conference. First World Forum of Critical Thinking », organized by CLACSO, in Buenos Aires from 19th to 23rd November 2018.

Their presentation « Students vindicating critical research and the right to the city. The case of the TRYMéxico Student Alliance », aimed to share some of the students’ reflections on their fieldwork in TRYSPACES.

Through a participative workshop and semi-structured interviews with the members of the Student Alliance, Adriana and Laura showed how the young students, conducted ethnographic research for the Mexico case studies, have claimed their right to the city, which has allowed them to resignify spaces and their daily practices. In addition, for students, collaborative work with youth communities and the journeys and interactions that this implies, has contributed to constructing themselves as young researchers committed and willing to take a stand on their urban realities.

The Conference was an opportunity for meeting with Latin American students linked by the search for answers to social challenges. In addition to sharing the experience of the TRYMéxico students, Adriana y Laura had the opportunity to attend artistic spaces and conferences by renowned researchers from Latin America.