La Chapelle-Marx Dormoy, Paris, 18th district


La Chapelle-Marx Dormoy, Paris, 18th district The 18th district of the city of Paris is located north of the city, about 30 minutes from the Halles-Châtelet metro station. Located in the pericentre of the Greater Paris metropolis, it borders the towns of Aubervilliers, Saint Denis and Saint Ouen to the north. Served by public transport […]

Corbeil —Tarterets


The transformation of working-class neighbourhoods, impoverished and excluded, remains a fundamental challenge in the development and management of metropolitan areas. This issue has forcefully re-emerged in recent times France because of a series of social revolts, pointing to issues of discrimination, inequality and spatial segregation. The lack of prospects is pushing many young and older […]

Do or don’t ? Transgression and regulation of subversive behaviours in Montreal



Photo credits: Mélissa Moriceau What is allowed in public space, what is not? The question seems simple, but in Montreal, the answer is not obvious. This case study examines the encounter between the transgressive practices of young people who more particularly express themselves artistically. We follow the graffiti artists who express themselves on Montreal’s walls, […]

Downtown Saint-Denis, Seine-Saint-Denis


It is from the heart of the Basilique district, in the city centre of Saint-Denis, that we are starting research with the association “Maison Jaune”. This association aims to develop the social life of the neighbourhood. The establishment of a workshop will make this district known by young people whose point of view is to […]

Los chavos, las chavas and El Chopo


El Chopo is a punk-rock street market located just north of the historical center. This countercultural space began operating in the 1980s. Since then, every Saturday vendors take to the streets and young people (los chavos and las chavas) flock. It is estimated that between 5,000-10,000 people use it weekly. There are approximately 200 stands […]

Male sex workers on the street


In Zona Rosa, sex workers are invisible to those who do not know body language codes. These young prostitutes make themselves visible by moving their bodies in a certain way when they see a potential client. How is this (in)visibility regulated? How do these young people articulate the virtual public space (meeting places) and physical […]

Marijuana users on the streets of Mexico


This case study explores the consumption of marijuana by young people in public spaces in Mexico City, how they define their transgressive practice, and how they relate to family members, neighbors, and authorities based on it.