TRYSPACES is governed based on the principles of equity, equality, representativeness and autonomy. Many discussions have led to a governance structure that is intended to be on a human scale, adaptive and flexible to meet the evolving needs of the partnership and its multiple actors, themselves located in 4 cities and 3 continents!


The governance structure includes a local committee in each of the 4 cities of the partnership. These committees are responsible for the implementation of projects at the local level and are coordinated by a researcher.

Three international committees bring together partners from different cities.

1. The Steering Committee is composed of representatives from each one of the partnership committees. This Committee meets virtually on a regular basis to ensure the transversality of the projects, oversee the partnership’s progress and strategic orientations while also ensuring the allocation of research and study grants. Each types of partners are represented on the Steering Committee (techno-artistic, sociocommunity, researcher, student). To ensure the permanent representation of partners from the “South”, one of the seats on the Steering Committee is reserved for a representative from Hanoi or Mexico. The techno-artistic partners also have a seat.

2. The Student Alliance is a student-led committee. The Alliance is the voice of students within the partnership. This committee organizes activities that stimulate their commitment, while also contributing to their training and the sharing of ideas throughout the cities where TRYSPACES is rooted.

3. The International Ethics Committee meets annually to discuss ethical issues raised within the local committees.


The work of all these committees is coordinated from Montreal by TRYSPACES’s Central Coordination team.