Local Diving in Mexico City and beyond


6 December 2022

The TRYCITIES project is advancing to the ideation stage, and as part of its activities, the “LOCAL DIVING” is being carried out. This activity consists of on-site visits to points of interest for the strategic and creative development of the projects proposed by the teams in Hanoi, Montreal and Mexico City. In these visits, the members of TRYCITIES have built dialogues and learning about the importance that these spaces have had within the processes of urban transformation in each city, as well as collective participation with the significant communities of each space.

Among the places visited are: Huerto Roma, CENART, Huerto Casa del Sol, Archivo Histórico de Iztapalapa, Libraire Racines, Mon Parc La Nuit, THINK PLAYGROUNDS, Maison de l’innovation sociale, Centro Yautlica, among others. Each visit has been of great value to the progress of each project, and more are expected in the coming weeks.