Meeting of Student Alliance of TRYMexico

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21 February 2019
On February 21th 2019, the TRYSPACES Student Alliance of Mexico City met again.

The meeting was attended by the people involved in the case studies and the new TRYSPACES students.

The meeting was a space of dialogue for the students. There was a brief presentation of last year’s work, an explanation of what is discussed in the four cities, as well as pending work ideas. During the meeting, participants insisted on the need to consolidate the network of students as a space of association with other organizations and social collectives. Therefore, it was defined that the activities of the TRYMéxico Alliance will seek the participation of young people working on case studies and will seek the collaboration of community and artistic collectives.

Likewise, students agreed to articulate efforts and resources to promote events that not only benefit the team members, but also have an impact on the urban spaces that in which we transit and that interest us as committed citizens and young people. To do this, the Alliance has identified two themes as axes of intervention in the public space of Mexico City: gender relations and mobility/transit in the city.

In this way, the TRYMéxico Student Alliance defined its interests and expects to build an annual work plan for 2019, over the course of its next meetings.