Juan David César Jiménez



5 March 2019
Undergraduate Student
Sociology, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)

Juan David César Jiménez’s Thesis-Based Research Project:

Use and appropriation of public space in the street market of “El Salado”: a cultural analysis

Analysis of the street market of “El Salado” as a place of gathering, of information and recreation, as well as the appropriation of public space for the development of artistic and cultural interventions by the population (mostly young) that frequents the place, with purposes not related to the commercial character of the street market: as a space for buying and selling articles.

I intend to make an approach to the youth cultures of the Salado area, investigating especially in the process of appropriation of public space for the realization of self-management cultural activities. In addition, to identify who has promoted it, what their motivations are, what resources they have and the difficulties they have experienced during their life journey in this space as street artists. Similarly, how these people (mostly young people), as citizens, intervene in their community, namely the street market zone of “El Salado”, appropriating it and carrying out activities that interest them. Attention will also be paid to their convictions regarding their artistic proposals, art with playful and informative pretensions, both peacefully and counter-culturally, despite the precarious and violent conditions of the area.

Keywords: Public space; youth; culture/counterculture; citizenship; identity.

Supervisors: Ángela Margoth Bacca Mejía and Carlos Alberto Zamudio Angeles


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