Evelyn Guadalupe Mejía López



2 May 2018
Master’s student
Urbanism, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)

Evelyn Guadalupe Mejía López’s Research Project:

My research project focuses on the relationship between public spaces and the social dynamics of control and security, specifically in the Pueblo de Santa María Chiconauhtla, located in the municipality of Ecatepec de Morelos, within the urbanized area of Mexico City. The problem was emphasized since 2013, when the disappearance of teen girls began, this alerted the residents and combined with a high visibility of robberies to pedestrians, in the transport, to houses and shops, even armed people in the night and cases of homicides of young people and women, whose bodies were discovered in the vacant lots and streets near the center of the town. The investigation will focus on the forms of social regulation that materialize the physical aspects and the appropriation of public spaces. It will study on the one hand how the community establishes or not the control of spaces and what is the relation of girls and boys as controllers, transgressors and as a vulnerable population. This project is conducted with a view to opening the possibility of changing these dynamics in the participatory construction of safer public spaces.

Keywords: Urban periphery; regulation; social control; participative; public space.

Supervisor: Julie Anne Boudreau.