Manuel Agüero Cheix



11 March 2019
Master’s student
Urbanism, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)

Manuel Agüero Cheix’s Research Project:

My research is focused on the reconfiguration of the urban space in the Tabacalera neighborhood since the arrival of deported dreamers, whose ways of living are becoming visible in the streets, shops, facades, and other urban elements. These “dreamers” have been integrated into the neighborhood with support networks that assist them in the search for residence, work and psycho-social support in their arrival to Mexico. Currently, in the neighborhood, you can see stores with messages only in English, young people who do not speak Spanish on the streets, employment agencies aimed only at them and shelters. Support networks have called the Tabacalera neighborhood “Little L.A.,” space where they are individually and collectively restarting their lives after deportation.

Keywords: Dreamers; DACA; urban assembly; actor-network theory; ways of inhabiting.

Supervisors: Julie Anne Boudreau and Guillermo Castillo Ramírez


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