Towards the regularization of cannabis


14 November 2019

In November 2019th, several activities were organized around the theme of regularization of marijuana use in Mexico. Here you can see the publications, conferences and events organized by TRYMéxico, La Dosis and FARO Oriente in the event that has been published on Facebook.

Here is an article that offers a great overview of this event. 

Also, several audiovisual products were made by young collaborators of the research group “marijuana consumption in public spaces” on various topics:

1. Detenciones arbitrarias en CMDX:

2. La lucha en el Tianguis del Salado

3. Encuentro Marihuana Oriente CDMX

4. Proyecto la lucha: Anécdotas


Marijuana users on the streets of Mexico


This case study explores the consumption of marijuana by young people in public spaces in Mexico City, how they define their transgressive practice, and how they relate to family members,…