Luis Alberto Domínguez Aguilar



5 March 2019
Undergraduate Student
Human Geography, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana (UAM)

My research work is based on economic geography, supported by the concepts of local development and cultural tourism, emphasizing the role of the actors involved in tourism activities, in order to enhance and contribute to the development of their villages and localities in a sustainable manner. In addition to showing the use, status, and management of heritage resources, which in the case of my bachelor thesis is based on an ex-farm located within a National Park.

In this work, I seek to point out the problems of deterioration of the patrimonial space, as well as of the environment that surrounds it. All this through different methods, ranging from documentary analysis, consultation of federal and municipal government programs, conducting interviews and participant observation. Contributing to the research with the elaboration of thematic maps, infographics and the use of photographs.
In addition, my research interests also focus on gender and urban geography.

Keywords: Local development; tourism; heritage management; space use; Geographic Information Systems.

Supervisors: Angela Margoth Bacca Mejía  and Carlos Alberto Zamudio Ángeles 



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