Lorena Emilia Paredes González



5 March 2019
Ph.D. Student
Physical Anthropology, Escuela Nacional de Antropología e Historia (ENAH)

My research projects are related to the consumption of psychoactive substances, working from Psychology, Neurosciences, Physical Anthropology, and Community Social Psychology to create social intervention programs. My most recent researches are on the consumption of inhalable substances (active) in homeless people, women microdistributors of drugs, and neighborhood organization to create programs of reduction of risks and damages by the consumption of crack and active. The topics of interest are community processes oriented to change, consumption of inhalants by vulnerable populations and drug consumption in prisons and public spaces. My contribution to TRYSPACES is about young people and marijuana consumption in public spaces in Mexico City.

Keywords: Transgression; drugs; community organization; public spaces; gender.

Supervisors: Angela Margoth Bacca Mejía y Carlos Alberto Zamudio Angeles




Marijuana users on the streets of Mexico


This case study explores the consumption of marijuana by young people in public spaces in Mexico City, how they define their transgressive practice, and how they relate to family members, […]