Festival Towards the regularization of cannabis: an unusual day of dialogue, knowledge and artistic expression


10 February 2021

During 2019 the TryMéxico team carried out the festival in collaboration with FARO de Oriente, the newspaper La Dosis and the community that frequents the Tianguis del Salado.

Tianguis in Mexico City has an extensive history linked to our roots and customs, they have changed and diversified, they have traditionally accompanied us during many moments of our lives, in the eastern region of the Mexican capital, in one of its borders with the state of Mexico, every Wednesday the Tianguis del Salado is installed, a space that has a deep connection with the traditions of trade and barter, the chácharas and community that attends the space.

At the end of 2019 we held a day of activities for three weeks in the Factory of Arts and Crafts FARO de Oriente, we held dialogue tables, film debate, workshops, concerts, etc. and likewise opened spaces for many local artists to expose about their feelings on the subject of marijuana, stigma and regularization, all an art gallery dedicated to expose all proposals from different and diverse artistic disciplines.

Today we invite you to watch, comment and share the two video-documentaries that we are premiering today (with English subtitles) made by Tonatiuh Martínez Moreno, with music by Enrique Dread (Planta Santa) narrated by Mitzi Orduña. 2020.


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