Do or don’t ? Transgression and regulation of subversive behaviours in Montreal



Photo credits: Mélissa Moriceau What is allowed in public space, what is not? The question seems simple, but in Montreal, the answer is not obvious. This case study examines the encounter between the transgressive practices of young people who more particularly express themselves artistically. We follow the graffiti artists who express themselves on Montreal’s walls, […]

Practices and tactics in the public space of young northern Montrealers


Montreal-Nord is a former suburb of small middle classes. The borough is today inhabited by a heterogeneous population, but immigrant populations, often relatively disadvantaged compared to the rest of Montreal, predominate in the northeastern part of the area. This case study focuses on young people (girls and boys) in Montreal-Nord. We explore the spaces where […]

The Transgressive Practices of Adolescent Girls


This case study focuses specificaly on adolescent girls, the public spaces that they use and their transgressive practices in Montreal What are adolescent girls’ practices in public spaces, and how do they transgress rules, norms and expectations? By adopting the posture of feminist studies that emphasize the co-construction of the physical environment, its symbolic meaning […]