TRYSPACES FINAL WEEK: an explosion of activities to close the project


30 June 2023

After six years of TRYSPACES partnership, it seems almost unreal to say that the project has come to an end. For the occasion, teams from Mexico, Montreal, Hanoi and Paris met in person (finally!) in Montreal for a whole week of activities, for the event called “Urban metamorphoses: a retrospective of an urban laboratory” organized by the central coordination. During all those years, youth, students, researchers, techno-artistic and community organisations, artists and universities have collaborated across continents, time zones, languages and workstyle to better understand how youth influence, transform and experience urban and digital public spaces.

To highlight and recognize all the work that has been done, throughout those years, TRYSPACES central coordination team worked very hard to organize a week full of discoveries for the project’s members and the general public. From scientific presentations participatory workshops, city tours, theater, art, cinema and festive happy hour, the participants made the most of this memorable week. 

Moreover, many launching of projects and digital platforms have been done during the week, that you can find here:

You can find here the full program in english for the full details of the activities that took place during the week.

Here are some pictures of the week, taken by different people. To have access to more visual content, you can visit our instagram page here tryspaces_digital.

We want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all our collaborators over the year that have allowed this project to unfold in such innovative and creative ways throughout the years. And we want to thank all the youth people that have participated in this research project, with whom TRYSPACES couldn’t have existed.

We hope to see you again in cities’ public spaces, and cheers to youthful cities!