1 June 2021

The TRYSPACES team is pleased to announce the launch of the 4CITIES FESTIVAL. From June 2-30, 2021, participating members of the research project will have the opportunity to join a series of activities, in both digital and real-world formats, with the goal of continuing the comparative work between the four cities involved: Hanoi, Montreal, Paris and Mexico City.

On the menu of the 4CITIES FESTIVAL:

  • Three conversations on participatory research, digital innovation and the challenges of comparison in a cross-cultural context ;
  • Two interactive and instructive student meetings, created by the TRYSPACES Student Alliance;
  • Three days of comparative seminars to present, exchange and compare the work done by all the cities and the 15 TRYSPACES case studies as well as to plan the next steps of collaborative work for the production of innovative knowledge mobilization and transfer products;
  • A hybrid meeting in the local hubs for members of each city;
  • As well as surprises in the mail for everyone involved, all over the world!

All live festival activities taking place on zoom will be simultaneously translated into English, French, Spanish and Vietnamese to ensure inclusion and participation of all attendees.

To view the complete final program of the event, click here.

We will be posting news about the TRYSPACES 4CITIES FESTIVAL on our website and social networks throughout June 2021. Stay tuned!