The dream is taking place right now: inputs for a search mapping


2 September 2022

Santiago Gómez Sánchez from TRYMEXICO published an article in the journal Humanities, Arts and Society. It’s called “The dream is taking place right now” and according to the author, it is a kind of essay that seeks to analyze Jack Kerouac’s novel Tristessa, the way it conceptualizes Mexico City, and how the reflections around it can serve as inputs to carry out a cartography based on the search. This article was written in relation to the Un mapa propio project

You can read it here in english and here in French.

“The city is a gray, all-eating monster when you walk out of the subway into a neighborhood you don’t know. What do you look for there? A familiar face or gesture? What do you search for when the city is a mundane teddy bear (the one from your childhood, maybe) and you’re bored of its soft gaze?”