Emanuele Lucia



6 June 2018
Master’s Student,
Urban Studies, Institut national de la recherche scientifique – Centre Urbanisation Culture Société

Emanuele Lucia’s research project:

Looking more closely at the representations, feelings of belonging and identity processes of young people from the English-speaking community of Bas-Saint-Laurent, Quebec.

My master’s project was carried out in partnership with Héritage Bas-Saint-Laurent, an organization that represents and offers services to the English-speaking community of Bas-Saint-Laurent. Together, we have developed a qualitative research project to better understand the current state of young people from this community, particularly those who attend school in English. More specifically, I am interested in the ways in which these young people represent to themselves the English-speaking community and how they position their identity and develop a sense of belonging in relation to these representations. In addition, this analysis will contribute to a broader theoretical reflection on the community, the link between community and territory and the forms of production and reproduction of the community.

KEYWORDS: Territory; Youth; Sense of Belonging; Identity; Community

Supervisors: Julie-Anne Boudreau and Marco Alberio