Carlos Arturo Castro Reséndiz



2 May 2018
Ph.D. Student
Urbanism, Facultad de Arquitectura, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)

Carlos Arturo Castro Reséndiz’s Ph.D. Research Project

Two of the most important problems that large cities face are socio-spatial segregation and urban insecurity, since they affect urban deterioration, in detriment of community strengthening, social participation and access to the city. The above is related to the process of construction of social housing in Mexico, specifically in two housing units of the Iztapalapa delegation: Solidarity and Ermita Zaragoza in Mexico City, in its building were not considered aspects of infrastructure, urban equipment, participatory design and the human scale, which has resulted in at least three aspects that affect community life: deterioration in the image and urban design, insecurity, informal economy and problems of spatial justice.

This research will allow us to identify the spatial practices of living defined as: the strategies and practices of prevention, safety and urban design (living), as well as the effects of insecurity in the design of public spaces and the street as prevention mechanisms and security, access to the city (space justice), thereby generating a pedagogy of inhabiting the community. The strategies to achieve these objectives will be based on the design of a multi-method that integrates the qualitative (ethnography) to identify the knowledge, resources and strategies of the inhabitants to solve their problems and the quantitative (databases and georeferencing) to contextualize accessibility and spatial justice in terms of the right to the city.

Keywords: Socio-spatial segregation; spatial justice; urban insecurity; urban pedagogy; spatial practices of the dwelling.

Supervisor: Julie-Anne Boudreau


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