Anne-Marie Veillette


central-coordination - montreal

6 June 2018
Ph.D Student,
Coordinator of the TRYSPACES Student Alliance
Urban Studies, Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS) – Centre Urbanisation Culture Société

Anne-Marie Veillette’s Thesis-Based Research Project:

Emaning the correspondance between infrapolitics and urban transformations by looking through the prism of the political action of women living in the favelas (slums) of the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

My research project focuses on the political action of women living in favelas (shantytowns) in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. More specifically, I wish to examine the correspondence between infrapolitics and urban transformations, by looking at how their daily practices of resistance maintain and transform their neighbourhoods. In this sense, my analyticial framwork focuses mainly on the writings of decolonial and Afro-feminist feminists (especially those of Brazilian and American feminists), since they allow me to approach this issue from an intersectional perspective (that is, they take into consideration the interweaving of different social relations, such as those of class, race, sex and space).  This resolutely feminist research aims to shed light on the way in which gender relations play a role in shaping the urban space, and as it relates in particular to the phenomenon of urban segregation. To this end, action-research is envisaged as a methodology for monitoring women’s efforts and engaging research in a perspective of social transformation.

KEYWORDS: Favelas; Women; Brazil; Resistance; Urban Space

Supervisor: Julie-Anne Boudreau