Vietnamese Women’s Museum


Community partners

25 April 2018

The Vietnamese Women’s Museum was established in 1987 and run by Vietnam Women’s Union. It is a gender museum with functions of research, preservation, and display of tangible and intangible historical and cultural heritages of Vietnamese women and Vietnam Women’s Union. It is also a centre for cultural exchange between Vietnamese and international women for the goal of equality, development and peace.

In being a partner in the TRYSPACES research partnership, we have a great chance to learn and exchange experiences with other partners, develop global partnerships, promote the museum and contribute to carry out the mission of empowering women and girls.

Based on our functions and expertise, we collaborate on the TRYHANOI case studies and promote activities relevant to TRYSPACES to exchange and share project experiences between the 4 cities: Hanoi, Mexico, Paris and Montreal.

Make sure you stop by to explore the Vietnamese Women’s Museum Online Exhibition on Street Vendors.