Annual report 2018-2019 is available!


3 February 2020

For this second year, the TRYSPACES partnership has focused its activities on research and empirical local action. Living laboratories were set up with young people in Mexico City and Montreal and other laboratories were continued for a second phase in the Paris region and in Hanoi. Groups of young people have been integrated into the research and we are beginning to observe interesting results.

In terms of knowledge mobilization, local partners have taken many initiatives, including organizing various workshops and producing multimedia materials to support and disseminate research results. The Student Alliance has also been very active this year, among other things through the organization of local events and the production of various multimedia products. After two years of research, some comparative reflections are also beginning to emerge.

The year 2018-2019 in numbers is…

  • 3,899 people reached in the four cities through TRYSPACES’ knowledge mobilization activities
  • 64 articles published and 5 student theses produced
  • 15 articles published by students of the project
  • 1 book chapter co-written by a researcher and a techno-artistic partner
  • 2 published works
  • 28 public presentations given by Tryspaces members
  • In Montreal: 1 web-documentary in production with young people from Montreal North and the partners Créo and Affordance.
  • In Paris: 140 young people from the Paris region co-produced short videos about their neighbourhood through local living laboratories with researchers, students and local organisations.
  • In Mexico City: a 13-week workshop entitled “Rock through photography and interviewing” was held at the independent cultural centre ARO with 20 young people.
  • In Hanoi, the production of the documentary “Outside hanoi” about the reality of young migrants in the capital city.
  • In Mexico City: The organization of several workshops co-organized with young people to raise awareness about the occupation of public space and the use of marijuana.
  • 7 projects funded by the TRYSPACES knowledge mobilization fund

Here you can read all the annual report and learn more about Tryspaces activities and progress for 2018-2019