A quilt for TRYSPACES!


16 June 2022

During the 4CITIES Festival of June 2021th, we asked TRYSPACES participants for Hanoi, Montreal, Paris and Mexico to create a visual representation of their city, through a stencil. Participants were then invited to paint their shape on a TRYSPACES t-shirt, that was sent to them across the world! In a time of digital proximity but physical distance, the central coordination tried to create a special connexion amongst TRYSPACES’ members through this ludic, yet meaningful activity. Indeed, scholars are starting to investigate new ways to share scientific knowledge through visual and manual representation.

To go further with this activity, the central coordination collected the stencils from every participants, in order to create a unique piece: the TRYSPACES Quilt. Quilting has been used by many culture in the world as a vector for history and culture. We inspired ourselves from these tradition to create our own piece, that was visually assembled by Phanie Bernier and manually crafted by Stina Baudin, two artists from Montreal. TRYSPACES is planning to create a second quilt, in Mexico City this time with local artists, in order to have different representation and techniques. An academic publication is also on the way, to document the whole process and explore more those alternative ways to share scientific knowledge, written by Anne-Marie Veillette and Célia Bensiali. Stay tuned for the next steps!

Marie-Ève Drouin, TRYSPACES’ Montreal members, pointing to the her drawing shaped in a stencil during 4CITIES FESTIVAL, now part of the TRYSPACES QUILT