2nd workshop in Pointe-aux-Trembles: how is the experience of teenage girls toward neighborhood’s parks?


14 November 2019

On November 21th at the Maison des jeunes de Pointe-aux-Trembles, the second of a series of four workshops was held to bring together teenage girls from the neighbourhood around their experiences with parks and the transgressive practices that take place there.

Facilitated by Sarah-Maude Cossette (TRYSPACES intern) and Nathalie Boucher (Breathe partner), the workshop was conducted in two phases: first, the group of six teenagers created mental maps of the park they frequent most regularly, namely Richelieu Park, located at the corner of 40th Avenue and Forsyth Street in Pointe-aux-Trembles. The objective was to understand which areas, equipment or furniture in the park are the most significant for them and why, what they do there, with whom and when.



Then, the group moved to Daniel-Johnson Park, located in front of the Maison des jeunes and adjacent to the high school of the same name, to conduct a safety audit during which the teenagers commented on the park’s layout and facilities. A few questions guided this walk

What does the park currently offer that would make you want to use it? What spaces would you use and why? Is the park adapted to your needs, to the activities you prefer? What are your recommendations for improving this park, in the sense that you would like to spend time there, alone or with friends?

The group of teenage girls were invited to continue their observations and take notes or photos during the following week, while in parks, in order to share them at the next workshop.




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