Manzi Art Space


Techno-artistic Partners

25 April 2018



Manzi Art Space is a dynamic art space-café in Hanoi. It contributes to the promotion of new contemporary art forms and emerging artists with a cultural activism mission.


By taking part in TRYSPACES, Manzi and the community of artists revolving around our organization has the opportunity to explore the interface between art, social sciences, youth and the city. We see this project as a unique opportunity to exchange experiences with partners based in Canada, France and Mexico. Manzi Art Space is committed to take an active part in several of the research and dissemination activities planned in the TRYSPACES project.



Relationships of rural youth migrants to urban and virtual public spaces in Hanoi and their everyday resistance tactics when labelled as transgressive by others


  How do young working rural migrants relate to, use, and perceive their place in Hanoi’s urban and virtual public spaces? What resistance tactics do they draw upon to access public space when labelled as transgressive by others?   Hanoi has been attracting a steady flow of migrants over the past twenty years since internal […]