Short documentary about female migrants in Hanoi receives an international award


4 July 2019
Outside in Hanoi – a short documentary produced by students from the University of Montreal, Canada and the National University of Civil Engineering, Vietnam won the second prize at 2019 Social Political Short Film Festival of the Audience Awards. Through the personal stories told by 3 rural women coming to Hanoi for work and study, the short film somehow reflects the living conditions of hundred thousand migrants in big cities in Vietnam.

It is the explosion in the number of migrants that causes discrimination and inequality between urban people and rural migrants. The sincere sharing about the desires and dreams along with difficulties encountered while living in the city partly helps viewers understand the overall picture of migration in urban areas in Vietnam nowadays. This is also part of the research topic of TRYSPACES Hanoi on the behaviors and habits of young migrants (16-30 years old) in using public spaces to interact with social norms and rules in the capital city, thereby exploring the relationship between their presence  in public spaces and the way they experience this visibility.

Audience Awards is a monthly genre-based online film festival providing short films the opportunity to gain visibility among global audience. The winners from each festival move on to screen at Audience Awards Film Festival in Los Angeles, America.

        Below is the link to the documentary:

Outside in Hanoi