Pedestrian spaces research shared in Hanoi


8 September 2022

During the summer 2022, TRYSPACES’s student Huu Lieu Dang realised 2 presentations in Vietnamese educational and official establishments. One was done at Hoan Kiem Pedestrian Board in Hanoi (the study area of Lieu) about the way to disseminate research results. As the Board’s head offered, Lieu reported their results from the Montreal case (that was presented at IAPS) so that they could have their own comparison and lesson on how pedestrian spaces were designed and used. 

The other presentation titled “How a pedestrian street is produced and used in Hanoi: a rhythm analysis” was presented at the HCMC-University of Social Sciences and Humanities  in the symposium “From the Asian industrial cities to pedestrian streets in Hanoi.” You can learn more about it here.