Coordination nationale Pas Sans Nous


Community partners

17 May 2018


Our Missions at Pas sans Nous
A role as a trade union in the working class neighbourhoods

1/ Force of proposals to public authorities

2/ Voice of the inhabitants and stakeholders

  • Develop a critical eye,
  • Produce expertise, social monitoring, evaluation and analysis from the point of view of residents and neighbourhood associations on how the new urban policy is being implemented.
  • Produce proposals based on local and national experiences and exchanges between stakeholders. The Coordination constitutes a base of local experiences that will feed the capacity to propose evolutions and innovations in the implementation of urban policy.
  • Weigh in to continue to advance the urban policy framework.

3/ Resources and Transmission Area

  • Support local collectives in the implementation of their dynamics (Neighbourhood tables, Citizens’ Councils, development of proposals, mobilizations…)
  • Support the inhabitants present in the CNV type instances….
  • Capitalize and share tools // Exchanges and sharing of experiences
  • Disseminate innovative experiences.
  • Build a network with existing Resource Centres (city policy, association, universities, etc.

4/ Experiments and Training

  • Propose the implementation of experiments on questions and methods that require testing, verifying ways of doing things, sharing…
  • Organize conferences at different levels // Crossroads of audiences and territories.
  • Organize co-training // Deformations.