19 February 2019

“They are personal stories, they are neighbourhood stories, they are transatlantic, anchored and mobile, diverse and generational perspectives. This book is a collective production resulting from the mapCollab project that we carried out from 2013 to 2016 in two neighbourhoods of the Paris suburbs (Greater Paris) and two neighbouyrhoods of Montreal.

This project aimed to conduct research in differently, in a participatory way and using various tools (visual, audio, cartographic, textual, physical), in order to reflect collectively on working-class and immigration neighbourhoods in France and Quebec.” (Mon quartier, notre vie. Regards Transatlantiques. Atelier MapCollab (collectif), Del Busso éditeur, Montréal, 2018, 196 pages)

This article (in french) published in the daily newspaper Le Devoir explains the process that led to this book, which was co-written with the youth and partners of the mapCollab project, a project that inspired TRYSPACES.