The photo exhibition “Lifes and objects” will soon be launched in Saint-Denis.


8 December 2020

The project of collecting portraits and sounds at the garage sale of the Régie de quartiers de Saint-Denis has been completed. An exhibition is planned for the spring of 2021.

Between December 2019 and July 2020, a geographer and a photographer collected 25 portraits and interviews from visitors to the garage sale of the Régie de quartiers de Saint-Denis in the Floréal district. The garage sale is a cave of Ali Baba where second-hand objects are given and bought at low prices. People and objects meet there, and everyone has a life to tell.

This project of image and sound collection nourishes a research on the garage sale as a third party neighbourhood and as an alternative to the dominant modes of consumption. A photo exhibition is planned at the garage sale in the spring of 2021.

While waiting for details on the upcoming exhibition, here are some key photos of the project.


Le centre-ville de Saint-Denis, Seine-Saint-Denis


C’est du cœur du quartier Basilique, au centre-ville de Saint-Denis, que nous démarrons la recherche avec l’association « la Maison Jaune ». Cette association vise le développement de la vie…