First Pop-Part Seminar


11 June 2018

On January 15 and 16, 2018 representatives of local associations, municipal agencies and researchers met for two days. The objectives of this meeting were threefold: to get to know each other; to agree on the focus of our research project; and to agree on the ways in which we will conduct research.

Nearly fifty people for the launch of a participatory research project that promises to get off to a good start!

Over the course of the various workshops we began to learn how to work together. We laid the foundations for the continuation of our work: reflection on the characteristics of the territories that will be examined in this research, constitution of a shared glossary for the key terms and concepts of the research, definition of the tools and methods that will be used. Next meeting on February 9th! Meanwhile, local partners and researchers are mobilizing the young people who will soon join the research team.

For more information on the Pop-Part project which is closely related to TRYSPACES in the Great Paris Region, please follow this link (available in French only):