TRYHANOI Team Launches New Website on DIY-Urbanism in Hanoi


11 April 2018

The website explores the politics, management and impacts on local communities of this successful DIY experiment in Hanoi.

A group of students from the University of Montreal and the National University of Civil Engineering in Hanoi has launched a website presenting the result of a research project on the DIY Urbanism organization Think Playground in Hanoi.

Founded in 2014, Think Playgrounds is committed to build playgrounds for the children of Vietnam. Built on very limited human and financial resources, these playgrounds are made out mostly of recycled materials and are assembled by young volunteers. The organization has built nearly 50 playgrounds already and counting, in several different locations across the country. Their partnerships with other NGOs and their relations with key city officials allow them to move towards a broader public space design expertise and a social enterprise structure.