Downtown Saint-Denis, Seine-Saint-Denis


16 May 2018

It is from the heart of the Basilique district, in the city centre of Saint-Denis,that we are starting research with the association “Maison Jaune”. This association aims to develop the social life of the neighbourhood. The establishment of a workshop will make this district known by young people whose point of view is to be legitimized.


Saint-Denis is a large popular city adjacent to Paris. Since 2000, major transformations have taken place in almost all the city’s districts. The Basilique district, in the city centre of Saint-Denis, is composed notably of an HLM district of 1,200 housing units, inscribed in the “city policy” (« politique de la ville »). Young people in the neighbourhood have little schooling and the unemployment rate is particularly high.


 We are working on the detailed presentation of this case study. More to come, stay tuned!